Magnificent music and such a Beautiful voice, a superb combination!! Came back for a listen to all your songs, Terrific arrangements, wish we had your horn section!!! - Shabby Road, Nashua, NH

Such passionate vocals...God has certainly given you a precious gift. Looking forward to everything you do and wish you all the best. God Bless... - David/Sleepy Hallow, Houston, TX

Superb Voice and great Music - Joanna, thank you for your Great music and Compassion in your Voice. - Robert Allen, Smyrna TN

Wow, Where do I start? So much passion and energy in such a sweet voice...Bravo. I love the music and the flow of mix. Your vocals are awesome. - Daniel Johnny Johnson Jr, Ellenwood GA

"O" I really like your track two. You should really try to get Leasing deal for your song, it's perfect for TV, Movie etc. You remind me of Karen Carpenter a bit. - Casno Productions, Hyattsville MD

Love love love your voice and your sound !!!!!!!!!! - Dinacio, Phoenix AZ

Love those Latin rhythms! Wonderful songs, great playing--and what a voice! - Christopher Morse, Brooklyn NY

Your voice is sweet and smooth..the music the same, plus you're beautiful. You have the whole package and I think you're great. - Delaney Simpson, San Francisco, CA

Wow! It was a real happy experience. Sounds very mature & sophisticated - very ‘New York’ to me. Lots of space in the songs - not clustered with unnecessary sounds. Beautiful. Your vocals could easily melt anyone’s heart. Thanks for sharing it with me. The booklet artwork is very appealing too. - Ian Blakeney, Sydney

Got your CD on my ipod and listen to it on my morning circuit, sounds great….Your CD is still in the car player, have been playing it a lot. - John Campbell, Sydney

I loved your cd. Your voice is great and the production is top notch. ‘Fly Too High’ is a standout. - Dennis Walsh, Sydney

Great work..I'm a horrible dancer, but you make me wanna boogie!!! - Soundown, Calvert City, KY

I love listening to your sound in"Such as These". It made me return to hear more of your great work till I listened to all 10 of your songs. Wonderful, thanks. - Carry Paul, Orlando FL

Finally took some quality time to listen to your CD! You have done a fantastic job. You are a great Singer! Hope all goes well for you. Love ox. - Peter Grant, Sydney

Very smooth, vocals as smooth as silk and with some beautiful rhythms, very enjoyable. - Frankie O’Rourke, US

Exotic sounds, beautiful voice. Awesome, ma'am! - Kip, Yogyakarta, ID

Your music is wonderful, and sent a lot of joy. - Dan Retinnio, Frankfurt, DE

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