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Infusing smooth jazz with pop, latin, funk and a touch of soul, A Natural Selection – Joanna Melas’ debut album – sure to whet all musical appetites, has recently been released to a welcoming public reception.

As an established entertainer with regular performances across Sydney, the album has been long awaited by many of Joanna’s extensive and loyal fan base.

Inspired by her gospel music background and after spending many years on the hotel-club circuit/ functions-events scene, Joanna arrived at the recording studio with plans to recreate the songs most requested at her shows.

As she began work, developing new arrangements for the seven covers on the final 10-track album, the song-writer within was unleashed. “I discovered that I had been shelving my song-writing abilities, and when I finally engaged them, the songs just evolved naturally,” Joanna said.

Creative juices flowing, Joanna wrote two original songs - 'Danca da Chuva' and 'We Had No Cares' - and revisited another she had written earlier in her music career called 'Such As These'.

Recording took place over three months; around 113 hours were spent at Style Music Studios in the Hunter Valley and a day mastering at Studios 301 in Sydney.

Gifted musician/producer, Phil Tweed programmed, recorded and mixed the album.

Each track was co-produced and arranged by Joanna and Phil.

“The collaboration was magical - I was in my element,” Joanna said. “Creating the arrangements and exploring the sounds we used was a journey I'd been waiting to take for ages.”

J-Melas-CD 300Signature of her style, whether performing covers or originals, Joanna’s soaring vocals deliver the inspiring, uplifting, empowering songs in a way that resonates with audiences of all walks of life.

With the belief that music is a powerful language which can transcend time and space, Joanna is passionate about bringing music to the people in both live performance and through her recordings.

When asked what she loves most about being on stage, Joanna highlights that when absorbed in the song with real emotion and intention you feel the energies of both artist and audience combine. “It creates a unified field, a zone you can fly in,” Joanna said. “Within that, music performance does its greatest work - opening the oyster to reveal a pearl.

A Natural Selection is the fulfilment of a promise I made to myself. It’s as if I have popped the lock on a treasure chest of ideas. I can’t wait to get started on my next project.”

For the moment Joanna is committed to promoting her new album and touring her much loved music.

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