Joanna Melas – "A Natural Selection"

J-Melas-CD 300With a beautiful blend of passion, excitement and technical brilliance, Joanna’s warm, soulful voice soars effortlessly over complex and mature arrangements transporting you from one song to the next on a journey of musical landscapes. The variety of tunes alone on this album will convince anyone of her ability to adapt. From the dance floor of "Danca da Chuva" and “We Had No Cares (originals by Joanna), to the smoky jazz club in "The Look of Love", to the hauntingly beautiful folk tune "Such as These" (another original by Joanna), the heart stopping brassy shuffle of "Fly Too High" and the straight blues/rock of "First We Take Manhattan" - Joanna eases through this ‘A Natural Selection’ with poise and flair. If this first offering is anything to go by, buyers will be eagerly awaiting any future recording by Joanna Melas.

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